Gerlach Herefords



Welcome to Gerlach Herefords! We will be adding information in the coming months.

Mathew Freemam Ready to show at the Davison County winter calf show in January 2019 

JWG Meg 1444 – SD Excellent Futurity winner 

Hereford Sires:  R Leader 6964, CRR 109 Catapult 320, TH 89T 719T Taurus 502Z, LCX He’s A Truck 104 ET, LCX Keepsake 1206.

Angus Sires: Varilek Mentor 2096 14, VAR 10X 7008 SA, RB Tour of Duty 177, SAV Bruiser 9164, VAR Reserve 1111, and Mohnen Image Maker 0415-501.